How Altium PCB Design Software makes a Designers Life more Simple

How Altium PCB Design Software makes a Designers Life more Simple

PCB design can be a tricky business – especially if you are using older software to do this.  There has been a lot of changes in this area over the recent years where you will find that the software solutions have been improved significantly making the task of the designer much easier to complete.  We are talking about integrated error proofing options, 3D viewing but also easier integration with similar software types. Altium is the software that accommodates all types of PCBs and is a dream for designers.  We have come up with a few reasons why this specific software program is one that designers will love.

Availability / Support

When you register for this software package there are different options you can choose from depending on the size of your business and what type of support you are looking for.  Depending on how many licences you are looking to purchase will depend on the price of the overall package although it is extremely competitive.  They have made sure that they haven’t priced themselves out of the market.  In terms of the support you receive, there is a dedicated support line but also some online training available for the software.  No matter how much of an expert one thinks they are on PCB design, a refresher course on this software type may be beneficial.  You may be taught a specific tool that you didn’t know about that makes your life so much easier.

Mistake Proof

Getting a design wrong can be mayhem and cause the designer money and reputational damage. No matter how much they review the PCB design and try to ensure it is error free, there is only so much a human being can do in terms of “checking”.  That is exactly why the Atrium package has a simulation option where you can run a test to see how effective the design actually is.  The simulation can be run when you are in mid design or complete.  In fact it is sometimes good to see what can go wrong if specific elements of the PCB are not correct and the software simulation will point this out to you.

Software Integration

A massive bug bear for designers is the number of software packages available to them that do not actually talk to each other.  With Altium and the latest version, there are many different software packages that it integrates with.  As a result, if you have designs already completed on a different type of software then it can be easily read or sometimes even edited on Altium.


Another headache for designers is the lack of storage options when they are designing multiple PCBs and have numerous assembly and sub assembly drawings.  Thank goodness that Altium have taken all of this into consideration and there is a massive amount of space in the library for small or large business’s to be storing their completed work in.

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