Here comes the Triple-S; Spectacular Snapchat Spectacles

Here comes the Triple-S; Spectacular Snapchat Spectacles

Once you set your eyes on this one spectacular as heck pair of sunglasses you will really believe that we are living in an era of technology.

Everything was believed and trusted if we had an eye witness, but that’s not the present anymore. Now we have Snapchat witnesses. Well yeah.

All of this came into being when Snapchat introduced a pair of wacky sunglasses with a built in camera in the frame. These sunglasses shoot 10-second videos as you press a small button in the frame and transfers them to user’s Snapchat via Bluetooth. *mind blown*

This might have caused existential crises to some people. No really, realizing that you can make videos by just looking at a thing is not a next door joke.

So, apart from blowing our minds and setting everything straight in our Snapchat stories and taking over our lives, here are the other thing that the perfect Snapchat specs do.

As soon as you unbox this impressive specimen of wearable tech coming in an attractive yellow tubular case you will finally feel the joy of buying a quality yet fun product. After all, the Snapchat spectacles price in Pakistan is worth it.

This mad pair of sunglasses comes in black with black lenses, red with red lenses or teal with polarized blue lenses. The portable tubular case of the specs works both as a charger and a portable power bank.

These ah-mazing spectacles are crafted to be trended and techy altogether. The temple of the frame is the camera on the right-hand side with the shutter button on top of the left-hand side with an LED light.

You have to flick on the Bluetooth in your phone to pair the specs with your phone and show scan them with your Snapchat app in the phone and ta-daa, you are all set to begin the snap-eye game.

Once your glasses are paired with the app, they will record 10-sec (or more) long videos and transfers them directly to your ‘specs’ story section on your Snapchat app.

Imagine documenting the world around you without having to hold the camera. With these super crazy snapchat spectacles you can record the world from your own perspective. The wide angle camera of 720p resolution lets you record some crazy adventurous videos, be them in the sky or on the skate board. You can import the snaps later on your Snapchat app, edit them and upload. Not just that, the sound quality is really good too.

One really cool thing about these glasses is that you can continue to snap even after your phone’s battery is dead. *bingo*

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So what are you waiting for, and GET, SET AND SNAP! Try online shopping in Pakistan and you won’t regret.

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