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How Altium PCB Design Software makes a Designers Life more Simple

How Altium PCB Design Software makes a Designers Life more Simple

PCB design can be a tricky business – especially if you are using older software to do this.  There has been a lot of changes in this area over the recent years where you will find that the software solutions have been improved significantly making the task of the designer much easier to complete.  We are talking about integrated error proofing options, 3D viewing but also easier integration with similar software types. Altium is the software that accommodates all types of PCBs and is a dream for designers.  We have come up with a few reasons why this specific software program is one that designers will love.

Availability / Support

When you register for this software package there are different options you can choose from depending on the size of your business and what type of support you are looking for.  Depending on how many licences you are looking to purchase will depend on the price of the overall package although it is extremely competitive.  They have made sure that they haven’t priced themselves out of the market.  In terms of the support you receive, there is a dedicated support line but also some online training available for the software.  No matter how much of an expert one thinks they are on PCB design, a refresher course on this software type may be beneficial.  You may be taught a specific tool that you didn’t know about that makes your life so much easier.

Mistake Proof

Getting a design wrong can … Read More

5 Futuristic Construction Technologies

5 Futuristic Construction Technologies

The construction industry keeps on evolving every year, and we can expect more of this because of the technological innovations that are slowly shaping the construction world.

There’s the Internet of Things, Artificial Intelligence, Internet marketing strategies, robotics, smart cities, and many more. Indeed, this change is having an impact not only on those who are involved in construction, but it’s also affecting other industries as well. Allow us to discuss the five futurist construction technologies that have made our lives easier.

1. Smart Concrete

In some areas, the flood can be a huge problem, especially in places where there’s not enough outlet for the water to drain. The question becomes worse in highly urbanized areas because there’s less soil to absorb flood water. As a way to solve this problem, an asphalt product known as the “Topmix Permeable” was created.

Unlike other concrete that only absorbs 300 millimeters of water per hour, the Topmix is capable of absorbing 36,000 millimeters, and this is around 3,300 liters of water per minute. Aside from that, instead of sand, Topmix is a mixture of crushed granite carefully packed together. This allows the water to efficiently drain through the pieces of granite, which is then absorbed by the ground, going into the sewer system or accumulated in the water reserve.

Aside from reducing the possibilities of flooding, this also keeps the streets dry, making it safer for everyone. Furthermore, water can also be routed to the reservoir, and it can be used … Read More

How to Attract Customers with Free Stuff

How to Attract Customers with Free Stuff

How to Attract Customers with Free Stuff

You know the saying, you attract more flies with honey than vinegar. Well, the same can be said for customers. You will attract more customers with free stuff than anything else. It does not even matter what it is that you are giving for free. People love free things. If you are looking for ways to increase your bottom line than looking into giving away something might just be the key to boosting your sales. Luring potential customers with free products or services is not a new concept. According to an article, companies will give away free stuff in order to gain a customer’s loyalty. For example, if you have a product or service to offer your goal is to get it in front of your potential customer. When people get something for free they usually will brag about it. This bragging becomes your free advertisement. While you might be losing a little bit of money by giving something away for free you will be gaining it back in advertisement. Along with the advertisement you are also gaining potential customers. People who get something for free often feel obligated to come back and buy something. Therefore, even though you gave it away for free, they do wind up paying for it later on when they come back for seconds.

When it comes time to say thank you to someone with a personal touch, there is no better gift than a gift basket from Harry & David. The one … Read More

Here comes the Triple-S; Spectacular Snapchat Spectacles

Here comes the Triple-S; Spectacular Snapchat Spectacles

Once you set your eyes on this one spectacular as heck pair of sunglasses you will really believe that we are living in an era of technology.

Everything was believed and trusted if we had an eye witness, but that’s not the present anymore. Now we have Snapchat witnesses. Well yeah.

All of this came into being when Snapchat introduced a pair of wacky sunglasses with a built in camera in the frame. These sunglasses shoot 10-second videos as you press a small button in the frame and transfers them to user’s Snapchat via Bluetooth. *mind blown*

This might have caused existential crises to some people. No really, realizing that you can make videos by just looking at a thing is not a next door joke.

So, apart from blowing our minds and setting everything straight in our Snapchat stories and taking over our lives, here are the other thing that the perfect Snapchat specs do.

As soon as you unbox this impressive specimen of wearable tech coming in an attractive yellow tubular case you will finally feel the joy of buying a quality yet fun product. After all, the Snapchat spectacles price in Pakistan is worth it.

This mad pair of sunglasses comes in black with black lenses, red with red lenses or teal with polarized blue lenses. The portable tubular case of the specs works both as a charger and a portable power bank.

These ah-mazing spectacles are crafted to be trended and techy altogether. The temple of … Read More

Here it is The best Application Trends For the Future

Here it is The best Application Trends For the Future

Here it is The best Application Trends For the Future

What is the application trend for the future? this question arises after many years we are faced with various applications to help our various jobs and tasks. If you look at the trends currently available many web-based online applications, such as sales applications such as Point Of Sales (POS), ERP applications, library applications, online trust, asset management applications and much more. Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo mail, Gmail is a web-based application that is trading at the moment.

If during this time we usually install the required applications on our own computer (such as programs for typing/office) or custom applications, in the future will be more and more applications available over the Internet and simply accessed through the browser. Have you ever thought, at some point every time you run the program/application, which must be run is “Browser”?

Applications installed on our computer or PC are usually called desktop applications. Well if the program is already installed on the computer or our PC is lost or damaged then we must install it again. If for a web-based application, we just turn on the browser and then call the address of the application location, very easy instead, no need to fear of losing the program due to viruses and others web apps.

Some of the ease and advantages of using web-based applications include:

It can be accessed from anywhere. The application testing on the server, we can access the application from anywhere and with any computer.

Multi-platforms mean it can be used … Read More